Sheet mulching with ragweed

Midsummer poses a number of challenges here at our urban farm.  It's when I've finally gotten around to preparing garden beds for sheet-mulching, but that means I need a large volume of green organic matter, as well as the leaves or straw I've saved from the previous fall.  Grass clippings are easy to come by, but they tend to turn slimy and smelly under sheet mulch conditions.  Meanwhile, all over town, even right on our block, ragweed is getting ready to bloom.

cheesy walnut burgers

When I lived in Fairfield and Jessie would come to visit every few weeks, one of her favorite things to do in town was to go to Small Planet Cafe and have a cheddar walnut burger.  We both agreed it was delicious and had a great texture.  On our last visit to the restaurant I asked for the recipe, only to find that the burgers were a frozen product made in Minnesota!  This appears to be it:  We were disappointed, not least because Small Planet claimed to be inspired by the famous cookbook, which rails against mass-prod

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We Gather Together

After playing just the melody notes through once, I like to play this a second time with twice as many strokes... it fills the song out somehow.

See below for an MP3 of this arrangement.

Note that this is in 3/4 time, with the first beat of each line held over from the previous measure.

Star Spangled Banner (To Anachreon in Heav'n)

Autoharp arrangement by Ben Stallings

Note that this is in 3/4 time with the first beat of each line held over from the previous measure, so that you should start counting time with the word "say."

I like to play this with the more rollicking rhythm of the original song, "To Anacreon in Heav'n." See below for a recording of my arrangement... it took two takes, so there's a hiccup in the middle.

Spirit of Life

By Carolyn McDade
Autoharp arrangement by Ben Stallings

For some reason when I play this ordinarily sedate hymn as an instrumental, I like to use a sort of calypso rhythm. Don't ask me why. See below for a recording.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Music by Harold Arlen, lyrics by E.Y. Harburg.
Autoharp arrangement by Ben Stallings.
see below for an MP3 of this arrangement

Liberty Bell March

by John Phillip Souza
a.k.a. the theme song of Monty Python's Flying Circus
autoharp arrangement by Ben Stallings

This tune has no lyrics, but here's a MIDI file of the fully orchestrated tune courtesy of the Liberty Bell Museum. Note that this recording is in the key of F while the transcription below is in G... unless your 'harp has an A#7 (Bb7) chord button, you won't be able to hit all the melody notes in F. But you could practice playing backup along with the music, if you like.


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